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Lecture 2  Objectives Federal Reserve Conflict of Interests



✔ To understand the real reasons banks promote financial literacy.

✔ To understand what the Octopus is, what its tentacles are, and how the pieces of the Octopus interact with each other.

✔ To clarify the relationship between Banks and Drug Trade and some of the key alliances in modern history (1750--to the present).

✔ To clarify some of the key issues at stake in knowing whether the U.S.  is a Corporation or not.


Discussion Questions

1. Why aren't Financial Literacy education programs making Americans any more financially literate?

2. Why wasn't Goldman Sachs and its executives penalized more significantly than it was by the U.S. Justice System?

3. What are some of the secrets of Predator Bankers?

4. What were some of the first banks in the U.S.?

5. How do banks sell drugs? what is the role of banks in funding drug trade?

6. What are some of the benefits of state owned public banks?

7. Why have banks been made too big to fail? Why are they still too big to fail.

8. Why does the gap continue to exist between the rich and the poor? Why do the rich get richer?