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The .01%
is the deep state 



We live in a world where the government structure is a mystery. The structure is extremely centralized, and it's centralized about the management of investments and assets Think of a world where essentially the greatest power lies in the intergenerational pools of capital - it's family capital whether you call it monarchy or aristocracy - a lot of it hides behind - if you look at the Vatican model for example think of it 2000 years of no taxes, diplomatic immunity and the magic of compound interest !!! Bush had been head of the CIA so he was the first Deep State president. Look at the bureaucracies that implement the wishes of inter-generational investors. One bureaucracy that has been the most integral to the "real wishes" of the Deep State is The CIA who is the real enforcer.

If you want to understand the "Deep State" then you learn the history of the CIA.
These inter-generational investors manage the insurance industry, the banks and the governmental bureaucracies. The Neo Con agenda is succeeding in taking over - look what they are doing around the country to implode the economy to make sure they can do the rape of Russia here - we are in real danger.
Keiser Report: 'Deep State' (E1135) former George HW Bush assistant housing secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts, about the ‘deep state.’

Harvard the 380-year old school, which has educated U.S. presidents, world leaders and Wall Street financiers  endowment returned 5.8 percent during the fiscal year ended on June 30 2015, while Yale gained 11.5 percent.


$21 Trillion dollars is missing from the US government. That is $65,000 for every person in America. That is more than our entire national debt!

Catherine Austin Fitts What’s going on? Where is the money? How could this happen? How much has really gone missing? What would happen if a corporation failed to pass an audit like this? Or a taxpayer? This means the Fed and their member banks are transacting government money outside the law. So are the corporate contractors that run the payment systems. So are the Wall Street firms who are selling government securities without full disclosure. Would your banks continue to handle your bank account if you behaved like this? Would your investors continue to buy your securities if you behaved like this? Would your accountant be silent? This is the reason that there is such a strong push to change or tear up the US Constitution. This is why members of the establishment say it is “old,” “outdated!” This is why there is such a push for gun control. Don’t buy it! We can use the Constitution to get our money and our government back. It is time to enforce the US Constitution.


"Bernanke Threatens The Congress" We will cause an Economic Collapse if you audit the Fed!

.01% Steven Roth - The vast quadruplex apartment at the tower Roth’s company is building at 220 Central Park South, a striking limestone tower under construction on Manhattan’s socalled Billionaires’ Row, is rumored to be selling for record-smashing $250 million, more than twice the previous record for a New York City home. Vornado Realty Trust, has a market cap of more than $20 billion. The Central Park tower is backed by upward of $950 million in loans from Bank of China. Roth is predicting it will bring in $3.1 billion in sales. One of the country's largest commercial real estate portfolios and more than 30 million square feet of commercial, retail and residential space in New York and elsewhere.

The richest taxpayers actually pay fewer taxes than the lower tiers of taxpayers.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!" - Upton F'in' Sinclair

In fact, the true effective tax rate for multimillionaires is actually far lower than that indicated by official government statistics. This is because these figures fail to include the additional income that’s generated by many sophisticated tax-avoidance strategies.

This chapter exposes these well kept secret of the richest of the rich and even provides examples of those who take advantage of these tax avoidance schemes.

According to Credit Suisse's 2013 Global Wealth Report, global wealth has more than doubled since 2000, reaching an all-time high of $241 trillion. The analysis found there could be more than a billion millionaires globally, or roughly 20% of the adult population, within just two generations.  

"If this scenario unfolds," the authors write, "then billionaires will be commonplace, and there is likely to be a few trillionaires too — eleven according to our best estimate." That's right: There could be as many as 11 trillionaires walking the planet within the next 50 years.