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It was once said that in New York they ask how much a person is worth,
in Philadelphia who his parents were, and in Boston how much he knows.

In all the textbooks that we have read growing up, we learned about how the British and the Danish traded textiles or furs, but little was made about how much Opium trafficking dominated so much of British trade. In fact, it essentially WAS British trade. This lucrative trade was shared by the richest British families as well as their counterparts in the United States. Opium trade --THIS is where the riches of the wealthiest 1% comes from. This lecture describes how English Royalty pushed drugs on China and how America's richest first families also got involved.

It also identifies these wealthy families and how they financed the creation of these country's great, respectable institutions which were nothing but a front to protect their money and have it be protected for their progeny. 

The Boston Brahmins - The Skull and Bones Society was founded at Yale University directly with opium drug smuggling money and ensured that the most elite and rich would have a means of maintaining their network of power and privilege; they would be able to maintain and protect their wealth and power through the networks of power they created and have perpetuated within the Government, the Banks, the Academy, and especially within Intelligence. It is our Central Intelligence Agency that is responsible for domestic and foreign surveillance programs, foreign relations, and our so called War on Drugs

This lecture starts by identifying our conventional notions of pirates; it challenges that with the idea that it is actually the British and American drug smugglers who pose as socially acceptable bankers and merchants who really were the real Pirates. Why? Because of the way in which they brutally imposed their will on China and simultaneously began to hustle and take control of all the cherished American institutions so they could consolidate even more power and wealth. 

We see how America didn't necessarily gain its "independence" from Great Britain. Actually, before and even after the War of Independence, Britain identified and established key aristrocratics and loyalists in the Colonies who would help maintain Britain's aristocratic power over the colonies. Some of these families were some of the elite merchant traders in New England who had the Opium trade transferred to them, who became America's new 1%.  We see how cruel the fate was of millions who crossed the Atlantic in hopes of a better life. Instead, so many slaves and indentured servants from Africa and Europe alike had every ounce of work sucked out of them by 1% Slaver families.

Then, we take an in depth look into who these illegal drug trading merchant families of New England were: the Boston Brahmins. One by one, we get to see who each of these individuals were; how each of them put up a veneer of being honorable merchants but who were illegally trafficking drugs into China as the primary source of their wealth. Importantly, we see how these families are so relevant and powerful even today. Why? Because they invested so much money in buying up most major American institutions. So it's no accident that the families of John Kerry and George Bush are as powerful today as they were several centuries back. We examine why this is by examining the Skull and Bones Secret Society and the means by which it has consolidated its power. Lastly, we see that this relentless power grab continues as Skull and Bones tries to consolidate the world's power and wealth through its governance. There are other large scale corporate organizations that it spawns that also envision a corporatist New World Order, one which is driven by the narrow vision of these aristrocrats which run counter to the common person's understanding of democracy. This is the reason why the wealth gap between the rich and the poor in America continues to this day.

England, France, Spain and Holland, masters of the world (1600-1700)​