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Lecture 1  Why We Are In The Dark About Money


✔ To understand at least five reasons why we are misinformed about money.
✔ To understand the essence of what's left out of the Federal Reserve's K-12 Curriculum.
✔ To understand the dangers of the privatization of Education.
✔ Identify the influence of the Koch brothers or Bill Gates on education.


Discussion Questions

1. Can you explain the definition of Media Literacy? What is  the difference between scholarship and propaganda?

2. Can a Country exist without Banks and will the person who runs the banks also run the country?

3. How do the wealthy get to decide K12 Curricula and why is this a problem?

4. What is left out of the Federal Reserve Financial Literacy Curriculum and why is this left out?

5. Why weren't the Occupy and Tea Party Movement able to make any meaningful changes when they came to power in the period after the recent financial markets collapse.

6. Why is there such disparate funding for education in different districts and regions of the country? Why does funding vary so much from high school to high school?